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Name Ren Meaning
Country/Origin Chinese
Meaning Benevolent/ edge of a knife/ tough
Characteristic of Name : Ren

Ren name has 3 letters and 1 vowel(s)

Letter R at the 1st position in the name makes people sees possibilities. Normally they are Compassionate, Even-tempered, Peacemaker, Stable, Tolerant . On the negative side, they can be Short-tempered.

Letter E at the 2nd position in the name makes people Entertaining. Normally they are Charming, Independent, Intellectual Freedom loving, Imaginative . On the negative side, they can be Unreliable.

Letter N at the 3rd position in the name makes people Intuitive. Normally they are Spokesperson, Certain, Imaginative, Writer, Communicator . On the negative side, they can be Covetous.

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