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Discover baby names with meaning of many origins, our timely updated list of baby names help parents to lookout boy names and girl names on one click. With our baby names origins it is easy to pick a baby names with meaning from all across the globe.
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Baby Names

  Country/Origin Wise Baby Names List
Afghan Names African Names American Names Anglo Names
Anglo-saxon Names Arabian Names Arabic Names Aramaic Names
Armenian Names Arthurian-Legend Names Australian Names Aztec Names
Basque Names Bengali Names Biblical Names British Names
Buddhist Names Celtic Names Chinese Names Cornish Names
Czech Names Czechoslovakian Names Danish Names Dutch Names
Egyptian Names England Names English Names Farsi Names
Finnish Names Flemish Names France Names French Names
Gaelic Names German Names Ghana Names Gothic Names
Greek Names Hawaiian Names Hebrew Names Hindu Names
Hungarian Names Indonesian Names Iranian Names Irish Names
Italian Names Japanese Names Jewish Names Kenyan Names
Korean Names Kurdish Names Latin Names Malawi Names
Malaysian Names Mexican Names Mongol Names Muslim Names
NAm.Indian Names Native-Americans Names Netherlands Names Norse Names
Norwegian Names Parsi Names Pashtun Names Persian Names
Polish Names Portuguese Names Punjabi Names Romanian Names
Russian Names Sanskrit Names Scandinavian Names Scottish Names
Shakespearean Names Sindhi Names Slavic Names Slovenia Names
Spanish Names Sri-Lankan Names Swahili Names Swiss Names
Tamil Names Teutonic Names Thai Names Turkish Names
Ukrainian Names Vietnamese Names Welsh Names Zimbabwe Names
Zoroastrian Names
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